Beware The Hottest Thing in I.D. Theft–ATM Skimming
Chicago police issued an alert after at least a dozen ATMs were found to have skimming devices attached to them at stores and banks across the city.
The devices, placed over or inside card slots to steal account information from customers, were discovered at 13 separate locations in less than a …
Be On the Lookout–Summer Time is Scamming Time
It's not that there's a single season that brings the scammers out, because really, they're trying to take your money, identification, and passwords all year long. It's just that summer offers scammers a few more opportunities than the other three seasons do.
Local Realtor Warns of Rockford Housing Scams
You've probably heard about these types of Craigslist housing scams in the past, but now it's happening in Rockford. Here's tips from local experts on how to avoid getting scammed out of hundreds of your hard-earned dollars if you're looking to make a move anytime soon.

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