Rock Valley College

Big Weekend of High School Hoops On Tap
A lot going on - the holidays were a haze, but it is time to start going strong.
A lot of game coverage this weekend coming from the Stateline Sports Hub. We will have coverage of the big game at Boylan tonight.
Morning Headlines: Thursday, December 10
Banks Extend $17 Million in Credit to Airport to Complete AAR Facility
RFD & Elite Airways announce suspension of flights to Colorado
RVC layoffs hit top-level, part-time employees
Fairgrounds Valley Residents call for better security from RHA
Rockford Makes Another 'Most Dangerous' List
NIU Pro…
Morning Headlines: Wednesday, November 18
Illinois State Board unanimously approves new MercyRockford campus on Rockford's east side
RVC reveals more details about staff cuts due to state budget impasse
2015 Rockford City Market proves extremely success for downtown Rockford
Committee Decides RPS Can Afford Two New Schools
Security To Be In…

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