Top 7 Worst Midwest States for Taxes
With the primary election set for next Tuesday in Illinois, there certainly is a huge increase in discussion from politicians and voters about taxes and the how much we pay. So, are people in Illinois getting a good deal compared to our neighboring states?
Check Out Illinois’ Top Ten Colleges and Universities
Maybe you've got a soon-to-be college student at home, and you've been doing the college visit tour thing with them as you try to decide which institution will best fit your scholar, and more importantly, your budget. Many of us would like to keep our kids at a school somewhat close to home (rather …
How Energy Efficient Are We in Illinois?
As the registered and certified dad in my house, I'm duty-bound to spend plenty of my time turning off lights, lowering the thermostat, and most importantly, asking my family if any or all of them were born in a barn. Like the commercial says, it's what you do. It's not that I'm obsessed with energy…
How Financially Savvy are Illinoisans? We Could Be Better
I've heard people make the argument that schools should be teaching students life skills like balancing a checkbook, paying bills, or creating/maintaining a savings program. I tend to agree, and seeing where our state ranks among "financially savvy" states justifies that feeli…

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