drone footage

Drone Captures Devastation of Nepal Earthquake
The above video was shot via drone on Sunday, when the estimated death toll in Nepal was climbing above the 3000 mark.
Things haven't gotten much better over the last few days.
From CNN:
More than 4,600 people dead. Over 9,000 injured...
Drone Footage of Frozen Niagara Falls
This might be the first mention recently of NBC News without using the words embattled, embarrassed, red-faced, or damage control. Enough about Brian Williams.
The massive amount of cold weather across North America has presented many cool photographic opportunities...
Drones Over Chicago
Our digital director, Rob Carroll, steered me to a piece on the Curbed Chicago site, knowing about my interest in drone technology.
The story talks a bit about a Chicago and St. Louis based contractor who recently received approval from the FAA to use drones to study potential construction sites in t…
Hong Kong’s New Year Fireworks Spectacular [drone video]
As the creators of the video say, "There's two ways of watching fireworks. You can stand on the shore, or you can fly inside."
I've been marveling at drone-captured footage of fireworks ever since I stumbled upon some outstanding shots from New York City on Independence Da…