What to Avoid During Rockford’s Current Heatwave
As I write this, Rockford's current temperature reading is only 84 degrees. However, before the day is out, we'll see temps over 90 degrees with a heat index that goes even higher. The next several days may bring even warmer temperatures--maybe even as high as 95.
Let’s Be Careful With Those Deep Fried Turkeys, Rockford
For all of you who claim that no method of cooking a turkey even comes close to being as good as a deep-fried turkey, well, you'll get no argument from me. For me though, as Inspector Harry Callahan once observed, "a man's got to know his limitations." Risking incineratio…
Illinois is One of the Best States for Teen Drivers
I'm not generally a nervous person. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself unflappable (there have been moments in my life when I've been highly flappable, to be honest), but I'm lucky enough not to suffer with much anxiety...although when my 16 year old got his driver's lic…

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