Ready For the Newest Dance Craze?
If you listen to The Riley & Scot Show with any regularity (and we hope you do), you know we're all about discussing the latest news developments from around the globe...and dance. We were born to dance.
Actually, we are discouraged from dancing in all forms. As...
A Tap Dance Duel with an Unusual Twist
If you haven't heard of the Rev. David Ryder, of Hyde Park, New York, and the Rev. John Gibson, of Milwaukee, you soon will.
This video of the dueling seminarians was recorded in April at a fundraiser at the North American College, an elite American seminary just a short way from the Vatican.
Now, That’s a Workout!
I admit it freely: I'm not a workout fanatic. And, by fanatic, I mean I don't really work out. I'm certainly not against it, but when given the choice between a nap and a workout, well, the nap will usually (read: always) win.
I'm also (as my wife Amy will gladly attest) not a dan…
Hey Mom, Let’s Dance!
At my own wedding, a little over 23 years ago, my mom and I did NOT have a dance...she told me she liked me as a friend (cue rimshot).
But seriously, if we had danced, it would not have been as cool as the video above. I know that weddings today feature a bit more choreography than they did back in t…