While stealing a bunch of chocolate truffles sounds super weird, what she actually stole was way stranger.

Last month, Truffles the bear was stolen from then Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Geneva Commons in Geneva, Illinois.

According to the Kane County Chronicle, Truffles is valued at $350 and all chains of the chocolate factory have a stuffed Truffles at their location.

Truffles went missing on June 26, and was returned in the middle of the night on July 3 along with his banana costume.

Both the bear and costume had to be professionally cleaned.

The store owner, Lisa Cruse, told the KCC that she saw a thin blonde woman steal the bear in June.

That woman, Hannah M. Kappele was arrested last week in conjunction with the Truffle stealing and can face up to a year in jail.

Once Truffles was returned and cleaned, the store had a welcome home party that I kind of wish I was invited too packed with sugar cookies and gummy bears.

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