It's no secret to parakeet owners that these birds are talented. However, I never knew you could teach them to play fetch, but that's exactly what one Midwest woman has accomplished.

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Based on the video description, this lady lives in Bloomington, Minnesota with her pet parakeet. Here's how she described what you'll see:

Our pet parakeet (budgie), Pichu, taught himself how to fly while carrying small objects. He also loves playing fetch with his ball. Now he has combined the two activities into one, which we call “advanced fetch.” Pichu is such a smart and curious bird. We’re very proud of him.

This little bird does a better job than some dogs I had as a kid.

If you've never had a parakeet, they crave attention as Bird Cages Now mentions. I've known them to be incredibly learned mimics, but didn't know ball fetching was a possibility. You better love listening to chirping though. It's also not a good idea to let their temperature environment vary too much or they'll get sick (in a bird kind of way).

Still, little Pichu should be proud of his newfound fetching abilities. Never underestimate what a parakeet is capable of.

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