Wanted: A Former all-time great NFL quarterback that's willing to get involved in a WELFARE SCANDAL. Well, looks like #4 has already run out into the huddle to run this play! ClutchPoints

Brett is a powerful and intimidating fella in Mississippi. So much so, he can shake down officials in the state to get millions of dollars that doesn't not belong to him. The great "Mississippi Welfare Fraud Scandal." Sounds pretty gross, huh? This has Favre's fingerprints and TEXT MESSAGES all over it.

Favre used “special access” and his local celebrity to influence Mississippi governor Phil Bryant who can access Mississippi's state’s welfare funds to get millions of dollars for organizations that Favre supports...But there's more. Brett got some of this $$$ for HIMSELF! $1.1 Million, in his pocket...of the state's money. Money that would help out people that NEED IT and he bragged about HOW MUCH he was gonna pocket!

"Call me crazy but my goal is to take home 20 million when it’s all said and done." - Brett Favre

This is where is stands, now. Mississippi’s  welfare scandal is being audited, at least $8 million are reportedly connected to Brett Favre’s and his selfish deeds.

He paid back almost all of the $1 million that I mentioned earlier. But, there's interest on that to the tune of $200,000 he still owes...C'mon Favre.

There is a trail of text messages from Brett where he talked about the money, what he wants and needs and apparently the Mississippi peeps were willing and able to give it to him. This is going to get REALLY messy.

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