Illinois has plenty of great beers. Chicago and yes, Rockford brew some seriously good barley pops, but when it comes to the best of the best there can only be one, or erm, three.

Thrillist ranked the three best beers from each state and to be honest, it sounds like I've got some drinking to do.

That's because, while I've heard of the three breweries that craft these beers, I've never had the chance to sip on these three specifically.

Here are the three beers, Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout, Pipeworks Brewing Company Ninja Vs. Unicorn, and Mikerphone Brewing Mikerphone Check 1, 2.

The Goose Island Bourbon beer "has been marinating their wickedly intoxicating Imperial Stout in a variety of spent bourbon barrels" according to Thrillist. In Rockford, you can order a bottle of Goose Island's bourbon beer at Alchemy, 610 North Bell School Road.

Thrillist says about the Pipeworks brew, "Crack one open and the room is instantly seeped in orange blossoms, resin, and fresh peaches delivered to the senses on a silky, surprisingly light caramel malt-fueled body." Pipeworks Ninja Vs. Unicorn is available at Rural On Tap, 1710 Rural Street, The Olympic Tavern, 2327 North Main Street, and to go at Cork, Keg & Spirits, 1603 North Alpine Road.

Lastly, the tasty-sounding Mikerphone, per Thrillist is a "cloudy, ridiculously juicy banger, first brewed in 2017, beguiles curious quaffers with its creamy, double dry-hopped depths, explosive blood orange, and tropical fruit flavor, kick of bitter spice, and tantalizing golden tangerine hue." Sadly, says there are no nearby places to have this beer.

If you could choose from the three beers which one you have first? Goose Island, Pipeworks, or Mikerphone?

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