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With all of the "serious" coming from every possible angle in town, it's great to see Mayor Tom McNamara get out and have some fun. Just "how much" fun did you have there, Mr. Mayor? :)

I'm a big fan of these guys, and I have posted other episodes to the 96.7 The Eagle website. The fellas travel across the country for great eats when you are high, but do quite a few episodes here in Rockford.

This episode brings the guys, Jilla and Ricky to "Sisters Thai Cafe" in downtown Rockford. While Mayor Tom isn't "fully" participating, (or is he) Mr. McNamara shows a light hearted, fun side that maybe you have never seen before. His knowledge of the community and local restaurants is pretty intense. The mayor talks a bit about applying for grants and state funding to help the restaurant industry in Rockford. His pride of community and local businesses is very obvious in this clip.

So the big question leading into this episode, did he or not? Jilla and Ricky make not bones about it, they like to smoke pot. While Mayor McNamara is very professional with all that he does...when in Rome?

Here is the description on "The Munchiez" from their YouTube Channel:

 Join Jilla Johnson and Ricky Rick as they ride along in the ultimate cross-town foodie road trip, hitting up all the local hotspots across the U.S.! From American, vegan, and everything in between, you’re sure to find everything you love and more!! This is the dopest food review show on YouTube!! Ride along with The Munchiez!!


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