I don't claim to be the best speller. I will undoubtedly get several red lines that I'll have to correct before submitting this blog. However, I can still laugh at some of these. 

This map, shared by Google, shows what words each state most frequently searches how to spell. I certainly "appreciate" Illinois not having one that's too embarrassing (Note: I misspelled embarrassing before correcting it.)

Some of my favorites from the map are:

  • Arizona and New Hampshire - Diarrhea - Funny word and I've never spelled it correctly
  • Utah and Arkansas - Leprechaun - What's going on in these states?
  • Hawaii - Boutineer -  Pretty sure that's the first time I've actually typed that word
  • Alaska - Hawaii - That's just great.
  • South Dakota, Oklahoma and Michigan - Gray - I know it's probably just a "gray vs. grey" situation but come on.
  • Ohio - Banana - Listen to Gwen Stefani one time.
  • West Virginia - Giraffe - Such a weird word to search, so West Virginia it hurts
  • Massachusetts - Massachusetts - Admittedly I can't spell it either but I also don't live there.
  • Florida - Tomorrow - In a surprise to no one, Florida can't spell a word that regularly shows up on a 2nd grade spelling test.

Looking good America. Spellcheck is definitely (eat it Oregon and Louisiana)  ruining our country.

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