Do You Have a Unique Rockford Christmas Tradition?
A few of us were sitting around the office wasting precious company time planning out the remainder of the week, when the topic of Christmas traditions came up. One staff member says it's not Christmas unless they line their driveway and sidewalk with their annual "lumineria," or, to put i…
Some Facts About Thanksgiving in Illinois
As a kid, there was nothing I enjoyed hearing more on the cusp of a holiday than "Hey, kids! Let's learn something about (fill in the holiday)!" Really? I'm off of school for a few days! I'm not supposed to be learning things! Is this some sort of trick?
Happy St. Patty’s Day!
Due to cultural shifts, expectations of personal space, and of course, a harassment lawsuit, I wasn't too worried about being pinched if I didn't wear the color green today. Getting a good pinch for making the poor sartorial choice of non-green clothing was a standard punishment …