Popular Restaurant Chain Looks Into Adding Delivery
There are times when you just don't feel like doing any cooking, so you nominate someone in the household to go out and grab dinner. But, what happens when that person doesn't want to go out either? A popular chain restaurant with a big presence in Rockford is looking to help you out.
Illinois Switches From ACT, Will Give Students SAT Instead
CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois will stop giving the ACT college entrance exam and instead start giving high school juniors the rival SAT.
The Chicago Tribune reports the company that offers the ACT has filed a protest with the state seeking to cancel Illinois' contract with the College Board, whi…
Now That’s Product Testing!
We hear commercial pitches all the time, many imploring us to trust, or believe in the quality of the advertised product. Here's a guy who puts his...well, everything where his mouth is.
Kudos to CEO Trent Kimball of Texas Armoring Corporation, for this amazing bit of product testing.
The Coupon-Clipping Lifestyle
If you spend any time with us on The Riley & Scot Show, you've probably picked up on Scot's frugality.
Like many hard-working Americans, he pours over the many coupons we're all offered on a daily basis, finds the ones that best suit his family's needs, and goes to town wi…