Still Have Lots of Leaves? Don’t Do This
Okay, seriously, Do Not Attempt This At Home.
Normally, that sentence would be followed by "controlled stunt performed by professionals," or even "professional driver on a closed course."
Not here, though.
I can't give you too much background here, other th…
Today’s Dangerous New Trend: Sunburn Art
People disagree all the time over things like tattooing, piercings, and body modifications. However, there seems to be a high degree of unanimity when it comes to the latest "body trend," sunburn art. It's a bad, bad idea.
If you're willing to forget that you're incre…
Let’s Not Try This at Home!
Ahh, the stupidity you can find online.
A friend sent me a link to this clip, along with a note that said: "Where do they find these people?"
And, after watching it, you'll probably wonder the very same thing. Warning: there is some blood involved with this bit of internet stupi…
Testing a Bulletproof Helmet-Russian Style
So, you've got a bulletproof helmet, and you want to test it out to see if it's, well...bulletproof. What do you do?
Well, if you happen to be these Russian guys, you flip a coin to see who wears the helmet, and who shoots the gun. Heads you win, tails I shoot...