Illinois Has Some Unusual Museums You Should Check Out
As a kid, I saw a lot of museums. I've said before that I've seen most of this country from the back seat of my parents car, but we did stop the car occasionally, and when we did it was often in front of a museum of some sort. If you want museums, Illinois is your spot.
Illinois Has Some Very Strange Laws on the Books
Ever since I was a kid and saw the Academy Award winning documentary "Scared Straight," I've had a pretty simple goal: Don't go to jail. Period. Full stop. However, it's difficult to avoid trouble with law enforcement if you aren't aware of the goofy little…
Illinois Cities that Most Everyone Mispronounces
When our country was young and ever-expanding, we looked to international cities for inspiration in naming our new cities and towns. Sometimes, we just added a "New" in front of an old-world city name, like New Amsterdam, New York, and  New Orleans. Sometimes, we just took the same name, s…
Stylist Will Cut Your Hair with Swords and Fire
I know what you're saying. "Gosh, where can I go to get my hair lit on fire and then cut with a sword?"
You're probably one of those "old-school" people when it comes to getting your hair cut and styled. You go to a place where they use old-timey things l…
What’s Worse, Spider or Gas Fire?
If you answered "gas fire," ding-ding-ding, you're the winner! The non-winner of this question is the guy in Center Line, Michigan, who, upon finding a spider in the gas door of his car, decided to set the spider on fire with his lighter. Problem was, he was pumping gas at the…
Man Sacrifices Pants to Make Escape
Not a lot of details to this one, other than it's video shot somewhere in Russia (which has really become the world's epicenter of strange videos).
We don't know what Mr. No Pants was charged with, but apparently Russian law enforcement has no problem with suspects wandering around beh…
Meet America’s Newest Celebrity: Pizza Rat
Apparently the Kardashians  just aren't enough for celebrity-obsessed Americans. How else do you explain the meteoric rise to fame for a street rat in NYC who just wanted to take home a slice?
From The New York Daily News:
He has been dubbed “Pizza Rat...

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