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What are the Odds of You Hitting a Deer on Illinois Roads?
We're inching ever closer to that time of year when Illinoisans start having more and more up close and personal meetings with our local deer population. Those encounters almost always go poorly for the deer, and often go badly for the driver, too. How likely are you to suffer deer-related dama…
Frying a Turkey? Avoid a Fire Tornado
I can agree with those who claim that fried turkey is the absolute best way to serve it. I don't need convincing, I've tasted it, and you turkey fryers are right, it's awesome. However, having said that, I also have to admit that the idea of frying my own Thanksgiving Day bird...
State Farm To Use Drones to Examine Insurance Claims
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
State Farm is planning to use unmanned aircraft to examine insurance claims.
State Farm says it's the first insurance company to receive an FAA permit to use drones.
"Whenever there's a big catastrophe, or a big storm is another way to put it, w…