Illinois Needs Money
Not much of a choice for Illinois' consumers, but when our state needs to drop $41 billion over the next 10 years on fixing our roads and updating our infrastructure, lawmakers are looking at a big reach into your pockets.
Musical Road
Around this time each year in Rockford, we really start to complain about what old man winter has done to our streets. Lumps, bumps, and potholes galore. This idea won't do anything to alleviate those road hazards, but it might make traversing them a lot more enjoyable.
Fatalities on Illinois Roads Down This Year vs. Last
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
Fatalities on Illinois roads are down this year vs. last – but they’re making a comeback.
Fatalities stand at 822, which is 85 fewer than at this time last year, and it’s possible to finish the year under 900, if people put t…