River District

Maybe Rockford Could "Swing It" Like Amsterdam Does
Maybe you read the name Amsterdam in the headline, along with the words swing it, and thought that this has got to be a piece on legalized marijuana. Nope. It's about a swing. A really, really high-up-in-the-air swing. A swing that I think might be pretty cool in downtown Rockford.
Rockford's Got Room For You to "Picnic En Plein Air"
When our good friend, Leah Tuneberg, executive director of Rockford's River District Association, paid a visit to the WROK Morning Show, she filled us in on a really cool event coming to downtown Rockford on Saturday, September 24th. It's called "Picnic En Plein Air."
Head to Downtown Rockford and "Shop the Blocks"
Hot on the heels of last weekend's fun event, the River District 12 (a 12 hour bicycle tour of the River District that drew cyclists from all over the area), Rockford's River District has another great event (decidedly less physically exerting) this Friday.

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