Political Ads Have Always Been Nasty
Here in Illinois, we've been battered and bruised by negative political ads for the last month or so, and many of us are tired of them. Today is primary election day, so after today we should get a little respite before the ads start up again leading to the November elections.
If You Give a Pig a Ballot…
When folks in Pelham, New Hampshire reflect back on the primary of 2016, they'll think about who won (Trump and Sanders), who lost (everyone else), and a giant pig that decided primary day in the Granite State was a great day to make a break for it. Maybe the unnamed pig just wanted to be the first one at the farm to cast a vote.
Primary Opponent To Challenge Kirk In Senate Race
John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) will have a primary challenger. Oswego businessman James Marter is entering the race, claiming Kirk’s stances against defunding Planned Parenthood and for gun control have made him little different than Democrats in the Senate...