What Happened to All of the Monarch Butterflies?
My wife and I were talking about butterflies the other day (I know, how exciting, right?) and we both were wondering whether it was just our childhood imaginations, or are there a lot less Monarch butterflies around the Rockford area today than there were years ago? Turns out, it's not our imag…
Morning Headlines: Friday, January 8
Deputies Searching For Missing DeKalb County Man
Rockford School Board member Mike Harner resigns 
Driver Charged in Fatal Car Crash Pleads Not Guilty
Judge orders Rockford cop to relinquish his weapons after allegations he attacked ex-wife
Woman Extricated After Two Vehicle Accident 
Jay Cutler's Brother-In-Law Missing in Utah
Jay Cutler didn't have the best of games yesterday as the Bears lost to the 49ers. But perhaps he has a pretty good excuse.
According to the Chicago Tribune, authorities in Utah are looking for Cutler's brother-in-law, Michael Cavallari, who went missing more than a week ago:
On Nov...