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Governor Rauner is Leaning Toward a Reelection Bid
Constant fighting with political opponents, finger pointing, name calling, credit downgrades, and of course, a year without a budget--who would want to sign up for that once, let alone twice? Well, it's beginning to look like Governor Bruce Rauner has 2018 on his mind.
Illinois Budget Battles: "This is Simply Embarrassing."
There's been a lot of talk over the last year about Illinois' lack of a state budget, and a lot of finger-pointing between the political parties over the continuing impasse. Very few things illustrate the disconnect between the majority and minority parties as well as an exchange between legislators…
Madigan Warns Tax Hike Idea Could Return
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
That “middle of the road” budget has passed the Illinois House. But don't count out the idea of digging up some more revenue later this year or “into January,” said Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago)...