Time to Start Thinking About Snow Sculpting
Sure, you could be like almost everyone else in Rockford and just shovel snow. Or, you could get your team together, skip the shoveling and get to the sculpting in the 31st Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition scheduled for January 18-21, 2017 at Sinnissippi Park.
Man Sacrifices Pants to Make Escape
Not a lot of details to this one, other than it's video shot somewhere in Russia (which has really become the world's epicenter of strange videos).
We don't know what Mr. No Pants was charged with, but apparently Russian law enforcement has no problem with suspects wandering around beh…
Table Manners Matter All Over the World
When I was a kid, my dad drew a hard line on table manners.  Be on time, elbows off the table, mind your posture, use the correct fork, napkin in your lap, no slurping, no burping, etc. I remember telling him that I had read something that claimed belching after the meal was the highest complim…