Rockford is Looking at Record-Breaking Heat this Weekend
Starting Friday, the Forest City is going to get a whole lot warmer. How much warmer? Well, with the projected high temperature on Friday expected to hit 93, and up to 95 degrees on Saturday, we might be looking at new state records. We may not make it, but we will be in the over-heated ballpark.
Snoring Pug Knows How to Beat the Heat
I just finished an article called "Top 5 Ways to Beat the Heat." The article takes on the topic of battling summer heat very seriously, offering up thoughtful solutions like:

Buy an air-conditioner
Buy a dehumidifier
Embrace Ceiling Fans (not literally
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NFL Player Warns Against Leaving Dogs in a Hot Car
The photo above is part of campaign in Great Britain to educate people on the dangers of leaving their dogs in a hot car during the summer, even if you only leave the dog for a few minutes.
The ice sculpture dogs are part of the overall awareness campaign, by showing that a dog will "melt aw…
Watch This Guy’s Hilarious Heat Rant
Judging by over 500,000 Facebook views and thousands more views on YouTube, lots of people feeling the heat agree with Eric Cornell, an "author, public speaker, singer, master image/hair stylist and Cre8tive Solutions Coach."
Eric was in Columbia, South Carolina, and suffering throu…
Let’s Talk Cold Weather
Having fallen into the deep freeze ourselves, it's easy to think that it doesn't get much colder than it is right now (or will be within the next couple of days).
Of course, we would be quite wrong in thinking that.
Lots of places, or rather, the people who live in lots of places would gladly switch w…