2017 Fireworks Schedule
Who is ready for fireworks? With the 4th of July landing on a Tuesday in 2017, more people will have the opportunity to explore more fireworks than ever, this year.
Fireworks Artist Creates Real Stairway to Heaven
As a fireworks lover, I found this to be absolutely fantastic, but you really don't have to be a fireworks fan to appreciate the artistry and the difficulty of making this work.
The artist behind the ladder is Cai Guoqiang, the man who drew much acclaim for his design of the opening ceremony fir…
Government’s Fireworks Safety Video is Tough on Mannequins
It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be fireworks mishaps, injuries, and even deaths every year around Independence Day, with this year being no exception.
With public safety in mind, the government would like you to be careful whenever you're dealing with fireworks of any sort, and to emphasi…
Ready For the Newest Dance Craze?
If you listen to The Riley & Scot Show with any regularity (and we hope you do), you know we're all about discussing the latest news developments from around the globe...and dance. We were born to dance.
Actually, we are discouraged from dancing in all forms. As...
Amazing Drone Fireworks Footage
Okay. It's official. I want a drone. Take a look at this outstanding footage taken by Jos Stiglingh in West Palm Beach, Florida. Not content with ground based shots, Jos sent his camera-equipped drone into the skies to grab some amazing fireworks video that's been looked at millions o…