Best College Food and Drink
If you went to college you know full well that most of your meals and drinks were cheap and easy. However, one nearby college town takes food and drink to the Nth degree.
NFL Linebacker Consumes 21,396 Calories in 43 Minutes
Brock Hekking is a linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, and as you might imagine, he's a big guy. 6'4, 256 pounds, to be exact. A guy that big is gonna be able to put away some serious food, without a doubt. We were all amazed when Michael Phelps' colossal daily calorie count was revealed (about 1…
Why, I’d Love a Burrito…Better Make it Small
If you're like me, you figured the internet was mostly filled with porn...and cat videos. Okay, maybe some "Epic Fail" vids, too.
Maybe the porn part is still accurate, but now the kitties out there have some competition from what could be considered their prey: hamsters...