Boston’s Mayor Says “Knock it Off!”
The Mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, is not amused.
If you think I'm referring to all the snowfall his city has gotten over the last month (nearly 7 feet), you're mistaken.
The mayor warned people who are recording themselves diving headfirst out of windows and doors into the deep snow to &…
Time Lapse Shows Boston Getting Hammered
Boston has received over 7 feet of snow in the last month. They're getting hit even as we speak, then they'll be on the receiving end of a "polar vortex."
We've seen the photos and some videos of The Great Boston Snowmageddon, but I think this one sums up what's …
The Deepest Snow in the World
Based upon the weather events of the last few weeks, it's understandable that you might think Boston would be the spot with the deepest snow. I mean, come on, Boston's been getting hammered with foot upon foot, yard after yard of snow.
As bad as it's been on America's eastern seab…