New Safety Technology
There is a new digital way to scan a newborn's footprints called CertaScan, and Swedish American is the first hospital in Illinois to implement this new technology.
Rockford Mom Born on Leap Day Gives Birth to Leap Day Baby
The chances of a Leap day mom giving birth to a baby on Leap Day are about 1 in 2 million. Well, Kristy Rittmeyer of Rockford has now officially earned the title of being "one in a million" after giving birth to son Levi on Leap Day at Rockford Memorial Hospital.
Baby Makes Clever Escape
I was told by my parents that I was, as a small child, quite the attempted-escape artist. The "attempted" part was added because I really wasn't very good at it. Tried to go over the rail in my crib. Failed, because of something called "gravity...
3 Month Old Baby Loves Dad, and Says So
Meet 3 month old Ben. He really, really loves his dad, or he's quite the gifted mimic. I'm guessing it's both. Luckily, mom had the camera going, or we might have missed his declaration.
I figure if he's saying "I love you" at 3 months, he'll be spouting Sha…

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