School is back in session for many Stateline schools today and police are out in force watching for speeders in school zones.

Loves Park Police clocked a driver going 52 MPH in the 20 MPH School Zone on Windsor Rd this morning. The normal speed limit when school is not is session is 30 mph. Area police departments and remind drivers that school is in session and motorists need to slow down in school zones.

Failure to do so could cost you a pretty penny. In fact, on Monday morning,  Loves Park police stopped 18 motorists were in Loves Park school zones for speeding, or for failing to stop for pedestrians in a cross walk. Most were issued warning tickets.

Loves Park Police report that Monday morning's school zone stops resulted in thirteen warning tickets and five traffic citations being issued. One 21-year old resident of Rockford, who was stopped for speeding, was also arrested for a misdemeanor drug charge and on a Winnebago County Arrest Warrant.

The beginning of school year is a time that children and parents are often getting acquainted with the school routine, so the likelihood of accidents increases, so students, parents and drivers need to exercise extreme caution around this time of the year.

Love Park police are advising citizens:

At some point this week, officers will be replacing many of the warning tickets with regular traffic citations, so we urge motorists to slow down in school zones. We also encourage motorists to remind family and friends of the increased enforcement.

Slow down!



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