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She Will Stand On Her HEAD For Attention
Lang Parker went to LA to dance...and ended up acting & doing "Stand-Up".
How does THAT happen?

After being told by an acting instructor that she had great "stage presence" she was given an opportunity to do a few minutes at a small show. Ev...
Local Woman in Global Magazine World
Lori Vanover is a Rockford native & a Boylan High School graduate. She is now serving as an associate editor for a major magazine.
Farm & Ranch Living is part of the Home & Garden Group of The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., a global ...
OK...so maybe money doesn't "grow" on trees.
However you can WIN a "money tree" where the Grand Prize is a $1000 VISA Gift Card in the Stateline Youth for Christ 5th Annual Holiday Fundraiser when you buy your raffle ticket at participating local Credit Unions…
Addicted to Chocolate?

Just saying the word makes some people's mouth water.
It's not easy to find someone who does NOT like chocolate. Many even readily admit, "I'm addicted to chocolate!" and during the holidays there are all kinds of chocolate offerings to tempt us...
Star Wars memorabilia up for auction
One of the ways to play-and-win on "The NEW Saturday Morning Stateline Show"  is called The "BIG # OF THE WEEK" game.
This week the # was 200,000 & the possible topics were: Blaster / Bling / Boss
And the answer this week...
And here is why..…
Feel Good “Miracle Touchdown” Story out of Texas
Shared by Greg Saunders filling in for Riley & Scot on 11/29/13 from www.ReporterNews.com
You may have seen the story out of Nebraska about the young kid that was given the opportunity to run a touchdown during a University of Nebraska Cornhuskers practice ( watch this and try not to cry ) ..…