Rockford gets a bad reputation every once in a while, but at least we're not snobs.

Sometimes all you need on a Monday is to know you're not on a list of snobby cities.

Congrats, Rockford, you're not on the list!

Bonus congratulations to every other town nearby, because none of the top 10 snobby cities in Illinois are nearby Rockford.

The "study" was done by Road Snacks and it's based on each city's level of snobbery. My guess for #1 would have been Barrington, but maybe I just haven't been to Glencoe.

  1. Glencoe
  2. Winnetka
  3. Oak Brook
  4. Wilmette
  5. Long Grove
  6. Lincolnshire
  7. Barrington
  8. Lake Bluff
  9. Northfield
  10. Highland Park

What Rockford area city do you think is the snobbiest?

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