If you and a friend can finish a whole pizza, you could be $2,500 richer. Sounds easy, right?  There are three caveats:

1. You must travel to 8 Buck Pizza in Manteca, CA

2. The pizza involved is 30 inches in diameter and weighs 15 pounds

3. You only have one hour to get it done

It's called Da Big Kahuna and will set you back $60 just to order it. The 8.5 pounds of dough is covered with 3.5 pounds of cheese and your choice of any three toppings, one of which must be meat.

If you and a friend finish your meal, the pizza is free, you'll get your name and picture on the restaurant's Wall of Fame, you receive two "I Can't Believe I Ate the Big Kahuna" t-shirts, and one large pizza per month for twelve month. As if you'd ever want pizza again.

So far, the challenge has proven to be too much, even for professional competitive eaters:

Among those who have left the table without finishing Da Big Kahuna is well-known competitive eater Naader Reda, who drove more than 400 miles from his home in Joshua Tree Wednesday to tackle the monster pizza with eating partner John Rivera.

"John and I make a great team, but that day, the 15-pound Big Kahuna was too much," Reda tweeted to News10. "It is a very tough opponent."

So if a competitive eater can't complete the challenge, who might have a chance? I'm thinking this guy:


His face says, "I eat 30-inch pizzas for breakfast!" His body backs up that claim.

I'll throw in this bonus offer: if you knock down Da Big Kahuna we'll also post your picture on this website. Now get after it.


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