A Northern Illinois University student started the social media Leukemia Lemon Challenge is in honor of a young girl Dixon girl.

This story has completely touched my heart and I can't wait to get to the grocery store and buy some lemons!

A former track star and student from Northern Illinois University, Christina Monson, has started the 'Leukemia Lemon Challenge' to boost awareness of leukemia and other childhood cancers.

Christina Monson has been inspired by 2-year-old Dixon native, Greer Bond, who is suffering from leukemia.

Greer Bond has spent months in and out of hospitals with one of her recent stays extending four months, according to NIU.

The medical bills are incredibly high, and Christina Monson wanted to do something about it. She hopes to raise $100,000 for the Bond family and to raise awareness through the Leukemia Lemon Challenge.

In the video below, Christina Monson and Greer Bond's older sister Harlow explain how to do the social media challenge.

Christina and Harlow challenge all of us to take the Leukemia Lemon Challenge! Will you take the challenge to raise awareness?