Last week, Scot and I got talking about YouTube. In particular, how a bunch of people are reportedly making up to six figures uploading videos.

According to a report in the Examiner,

There are more than a million partners in more than 300 countries making money on YouTube videos.

Really? I'm not making any of that dough! But, it might be like the lottery, where you only win if you play. Perhaps I should start uploading videos that garner millions of views if I want a piece of the action.

YouTuber Cory Williams, who has 582,777 subscribers, gave three points regarding YouTube success.

“To get more views, try posting tutorial videos,” Williams said.

He added that he learned how to use a mac and rip a phone book in half from YouTube, thus he was thinking about what he would like to see if he was a viewer.

Williams also recommends making collaborations, which are videos that feature you and another YouTube personality.

“Think about it, if you collaborate with somebody then all their viewers and all your viewers are going to watch this video,” Williams said.

Third, Williams says to not pay attention to or respond to “haters”.

“Haters” leave negative comments on YouTube. They say mean things.

Up until last week, I didn't know any of those things. Here are a few more things about YouTube you might not have known:

Now, get up-loading, and let me know when the cash starts rolling in. And, for some videos we've done, check out the 1440 WROK channel.

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