With the primary election less than a week away, State Senator Kirk Dillard says he has the momentum in the race for the Republican nomination for governor.

Recent polls do show Dillard pulling into the #2 spot behind Bruce Rauner. He joined us on "Riley & Scot" on Wednesday morning. Riley asked the State Senator what sets him apart from his opponents:

I'm electable. Bill Brady couldn't beat Pat Quinn when Quinn had a 28% approval rating last time. And Bruce Rauner has so alienated so many people, anybody that works for a living, that he's unelectable. Treasurer Rutherford is embroiled in scandal. So I'm the only candidate, if you're a Republican or want change, that can actually beat Pat Quinn. I'm tested and prepared.

Pool, Getty Images
Pool, Getty Images

Here's the full "Riley & Scot" interview with Kirk Dillard. We also asked him about his union endorsements and had him clarify his pro-life and Second Amendment positions:

We'll have a post in the next day or two recapping our most recent conversations with all of the GOP candidates for Governor.

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