Remember when they proposed a space-needle observation deck for downtown Rockford more than 20 years ago? It likely would've been completed by now and made the Screw City skyline completely different than it is now.

Not that I don't love the renovations being done to downtown buildings, upgrades at Davis Park, the new Library, murals all around the city, and hopefully what's to come at Colman Yards, but Rockford doesn't currently have the unique architecture in downtown to have what I would call a beautiful "skyline."

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If you want a city skyline that is ranked among the most beautiful in the world, it's not a far drive from downtown Rockford to experience it.

Only 4 of the World's Most Beautiful Skylines are in the U.S.

According to a ranking by Architectural Digest of the 17 Most Beautiful City Skylines in the World, there were 4 U.S. cities on the list.

The most beautiful city skyline in the World, according to Architectural Digest, is Manhattan, New York City.


With Art Deco classic buildings like the Empire State Building, to the modern One World Trade Center, there's no city on the planet with a skyline like NYC.

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Hong Kong was ranked the 2nd most beautiful skyline in the world, with "densely packed high rises contrasted with Victoria Peak, the view is particularly special at night when the city lights bounce off of the harbor water."

2 of the World's 17 Most Beautiful City Skylines are in the Midwest

Won't surprise most of you that Chicago, Illinois has the 3rd Most Beautiful Skyline in the World, with Willis Tower, the John Hancock, and Vista Tower just a few of the skyscrapers right on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Another one of the World's Most Beautiful Skylines is on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

The Brew City of Milwaukee ranked 15th on Architectural Digest's list, coming in above Auckland, New Zealand and Toronto, Ontario.

Here's what Architectural Digest had to say about the skyline in Milwaukee being one of the world's Top 17 most Beautiful:

If it’s not Chicago, the Midwest is often overlooked. But as Milwaukee so effortlessly demonstrates, this is a mistake. While on the smaller-side compared to some on this list, its proximity to Lake Michigan and buildings by heavy-hitters like Santiago Calatrava make it one of the prettiest in the United States.

To see the complete list of 17 Most Beautiful Skylines in the World ranked by Architectural Digest, CLICK HERE.

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