Have you ever heard about a road in Wisconsin where cars can roll uphill in neutral? Sounds impossible, right? Well, buckle up, because Gravity Hill in Wisconsin, is exactly that kind of place.

The Weirdest Attraction in Wisconsin


A remote stretch of County Road U coined 'Gravity Hill' in Shullsburg, Wisconsin has been baffling and entertaining visitors for years. Why? Because this seemingly normal road has fascinating trick to share.

Legends say if you drive to this specific stretch or road, park your car in neutral, and then take your foot off the brake, your car will mysteriously begin to roll backward, as if an unseen force is pulling it uphill.

What?!? Is a ghost pulling your car up the hill, or is some weird sorcery at work here?

The answer is; neither.

It's just a pretty fascinating optical illusion.

According to Atlas Obscura;

The steep, tree-covered hill to the south of Gravity Hill blocks the horizon, removing key frames of reference and distorting the scene. The ridge at the “top” adds to the illusion, as the dip north of the ridge makes Gravity Hill appear to point upwards in comparison.

Basically, your brain is fooled into thinking the road is angled upwards, when it's actually angled downwards. When you take your foot off the brake, your car simply rolls down the hill, but because of the illusion, it appears to be rolling uphill.

Want to check this illusion out for yourself? Here's a map of how to find Gravity Hill that I found on My Wisco on Facebook.

My Wisco via Facebook
My Wisco via Facebook

FYI, Gravity Hill is about an hour and a half drive for those of us living in Northern Illinois, so the next time you're in the mood for a road trip, go check it out!

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