Vehicle technology has come so far that we no longer have to use a key to start our car or open it, but it still can't find a way to make car thefts a thing of the past. In fact, cars are being stolen in the Rockford area at an alarming rate.

Car thief, car theft

Rockford's Recent Crime Statistics Show Disturbing Trend

The City of Rockford recently shared Rockford Police Department crime statistics from January 2022 - July 2022, and although violent crime numbers are decreasing, car theft numbers have risen 81 PERCENT since the same time in 2021.

City of Rockford via Facebook
City of Rockford via Facebook

Ways to Prevent Car Theft

We all know that locking doors, parking in well-lit areas, rolling up windows, and not leaving keys or other valuables in your car are good ways to prevent thieves from breaking in or stealing your car, but is there anything else we can do? Yes! Apparently, there is an app for that!

No-Go Car Theft App

After having his own car stolen, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin man named Jonathan Goldoff got inspired to create an app that stops car thieves in their tracks. It's called "No-Go", and it is literally an app that serves as a kill switch for your car's ignition.

No-Go's website says;

By adding this encrypted layer it causes the vehicle to turn over but not start, giving the illusion of a non-running car.

For $150, a hidden device will be installed on your vehicle which links to an app you can operate on any smartphone. Once activated, thieves will be able to put in and turn the ignition key, but the car will not turn over. The key to No-Go's success is in the timing. Diagnosing why the car "won't" start would take time, and time is not a luxury a thief can waste, so it forces them to move on to another victim. Pretty genius, right?

To learn more about No-Go, or to schedule an appointment to have one installed, go to

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