The bad news continues with another iconic retail chain going out of business and closing down all its locations in Illinois.

Popular Music Store Chain Shutting Down Including Illinois Locations

I understand that shopping on the Internet is a lot easier. After just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you're item is ordered. In some cases, it will be on your front porch the next day. Sometimes you can even get a better deal. Plus, brick-and-mortar stores' inventory isn't what it used to be and you might not be able to find it.

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That is unfortunate because kids won't be able to experience the thrill of going to an actual store, finding the special item they're looking for, and busting out their allowance money to purchase it.

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I believe that especially holds true when you're talking about music stores. I remember my friend and I riding our bikes to our local instrument retailer to check out the latest and greatest guitars on the market. There's something special about picking up an axe that your hero plays and rocking out some licks in the shop.

I was very sad today to hear that the famous chain Sam Ash Music is going out of business including its two locations in Illinois. Those are located in Buffalo Grove and Lombard. The store in Lombard is where my friend and I used to go back in the day. Those are some great memories.

There is some good news for musicians. If you're in the market for any instruments and gear, you'll be able to catch some great deals with all the close-out sales. Make sure you take a couple of minutes to enjoy the moment while you can.


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