This man is going behind bars for a while after kicking some Illinois police officers below the belt.

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Two Illinois Cops Kicked In The Groin

The Ultimate Way To Injure A Man

Just because it works, doesn't make it right. If you really want to hurt a guy, then kick him below the belt. Remember, it is the cheap way of knocking a man down. It is so painful for men that I don't feel really comfortable talking about it. I don't have respect for any dude that pulls that move on someone. If you want to take an arrest to the next level, then kick a police officer down there.

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Illinois Man Arrested For Kicking Cops Below The Belt

Illinois Cops Get Kicked Down There During An Arrest

According to, 

An Elmhurst man kicked two local officers in the groin after they responded to his family's call for help, police said.


Refugio Fernandez Jr., 22, was arrested on two counts of aggravated battery.


Drunk Illinois Man Arrested For Kicking Cops In The Dink Dink

Why Did The Drunk Illinois Man Kick Cops Below The Belt

The police were called about an intoxicated man. Apparently, he was drinking heavily at a soccer game. His friends had to help him get home because he was so drunk. The suspect scared his family because he was so wasted and mean. That's when they called the police. By the way, the guy had no previous record.

Drunk Man Kicks Two Illinois Cops
Drunk Man Kicks Two Illinois Cops

To try and calm down the man, they had him sit down. That's when he kicked the first cop in the private area. At that point, they arrested him. He didn't go easy by causing a huge scene. Once they got him to the squad car, that's when he kicked the second police officer down below. He was so drunk, the cops couldn't even communicate with him.

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Drunk Illinois Man Arrested For Kicking Cops Right There

Sounds like the suspect just got a little bit too wasted. History shows he's not a bad guy. Unfortunately, some bad decisions got him in serious trouble.

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