If you’re up for a different kind of night, you might want to check this place out.

I just saw Cosmopolitan list 18 of the Quirkiest, Weirdest, and Wackiest-Themed Cocktail Bars in the US, one of which is in Wisconsin.

All three of those adjectives are very subjective.

What you and I might think as kooky and crazy might be someone else’s normal.

So, take this list with a grain of salt when deciding how “wacky” this Wisconsin bar might be.

This Wisconsin bar is called Camp. Cosmopolitan says, “Enjoy adult summer camp all year long at Milwaukee’s lodge-inspired chain of watering holes with four rustic Camp outposts throughout the city.”

Camp Third Ward in Milwaukee via Yelp
Camp Third Ward in Milwaukee via Yelp

But wait, there’s more because each Camp location in Milwaukee "features woodsy decor (taxidermy animals included) and menus packed with pizzas, brews, and simple cocktails.”

Camp doesn’t stop at taxidermy, either. They go hard on the “camp” theme so that you can order the "Campfire cocktail made with Travis Hasse Cow Pie liqueur, vanilla vodka, and a hint of marshmallow.”

One specific Camp location, Camp Bar Third Ward, is rated 4 out of 5 on Yelp, so it sounds like a good time, but it might be a little too popular (if that’s possible).

Michael W. said Camp would be a “fine bar at 80% capacity” while adding, “I think it was at 125% capacity, which made it hard to enjoy each other’s company.”

See for yourself: you can visit Deer Camp and Camp Bar Third Ward in Milwaukee, while the other Camp spots are in Shorewood and Wauwatosa.