I have been creating articles for you to read for many years now.

There have been occasions where I didn't fully agree with who I was sourcing when it came to sharing news or opinions.

After all, that's part of the reason why I create this type of stuff, because I usually have a somewhat agreeable viewpoint or on the other hand, think it's absolutely and totally trash and ridiculous.

That said, I tend to write a lot about food. I love the stuff and I have many times mentioned that my trips to other states or countries have an important aspect of trying to find delicious eats I can't find in my home state of Illinois.


The truth is, I rarely look for pizza outside of the Land of Lincoln. Yes, even in New York City I found the pizza kind of mid.

So when I saw this list of 10 Awesome Things to do in the USA You Shouldn't Miss on Travel Triangle, I thought it was another one of those things.

You know what I mean, a list as vague as this one, with only 10 spots, can simply be identifying the 10 most popular touristy things to do in America, list them and call it a day.

Amazed couple of tourists finding destination

While it looked that way at first because Travel Triangle said to go to the Empire State Building, then the White House, and then the Golden Gate Bridge I scrolled down a bit more and noticed what they had listed as the #9 best thing to do in America.

Travel Triangle:

#9 Pizza: Taste Happiness

A quintessential US dish, your trip is incomplete without trying a deep-dish pizza. The best ones are found in Chicago. The pizzas are delicious and unique to the USA and you must try them on your trip!

Pizza time. Young girls eating pizza in a cafe. Consumerism, lifestyle
Getty Images/iStockphoto

I couldn't agree more. Take a trip around Illinois and eat as much deep-dish pizza as possible and call it a vacation.

You can't go wrong.

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