If the family wants something to do this weekend, you’re in for an excellent double feature.

Playing over at the Midway Drive-In in Sterling, they announced they’d be premiering The Garfield Movie on the big screen.

The Garfield Movie will feature the famous voices of Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson, so folks are predicting the flick will do big business at the box office.

The Midway also has a stellar concession stand, which would make any night at the drive-in stand out, but we're not done because there's another half to this double feature.

Released earlier this year to generally positive reviews was the latest Ghostbusters flick titled Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

The movie features much of the same cast from a few years ago, with Paul Rudd, Carrie Coon, and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard as the film's most noticeable cast members.

If you missed Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire the first time, you’re lucky because it’s the second half of a twin-bill double feature at the Midway.

Your mileage may vary at the drive-in because, let’s face it, movies in the car aren’t for everyone.

Sitting in your vehicle, the sound and the outdoor movie experience aren’t always the most optimal way to see a flick, but I can’t think of a better way to spend a gorgeous spring or summer night.

So few things anymore have that retro cool feel captured quite like the drive-in.

The drive-in is a piece of nostalgia that deserves more love and attention.

Considering it's a long weekend, you can give it more attention than usual as The Garfield Movie and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire double feature will show on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Midway Drive-In is located at 91 Palmyra Road in Sterling.