Are you ready to look far and wide for a burger a bit off the beaten path?

Well, in Illinois, you won't have to go that far because that "path" will lead to one of the biggest cities in America.

Housely put together a list of America's Best Hidden Burger Joints in Every State and they say That's a Burger is Illinois' best.

Wait, That's a Burger? What's That's a Burger?

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Housely says, "Located in Chicago, That's a Burger, is acclaimed for its hearty and flavorful turkey burgers. It prides itself on handmade patties and various dishes that present a personal touch with items like the Cheese Lovers Burger and the inventive Salmon Burger. Customers rave about the consistency of the food's quality and the homely feel of the place, which keeps them returning."

Chaka W. on Yelp agrees that the food at That's a Burger is "consistent."


Tanita M. says, "I started going for the turkey burgers but keep coming back for the black bean burgers."

Lynne D. says the new owner is trying to make things better, but "the original recipe is what grew the customers," and somehow, "the cooks are even slower than the original owner/cook."

That's a Burger is located at 8301 South Stony Island Avenue in Chicago.

Wisconsin's best hidden burger joint was Dotty Dumpling's Dowry in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dotty Dumpling's Dowry via Yelp
Dotty Dumpling's Dowry via Yelp

So, plan a trip to either Chicago or Madison to try one of these two hidden gems soon.

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