The good news is the historic brood invasion of cicadas in Illinois is lessening. However, the bad news is the screams of these pests is getting louder and there's a strange reason why.

As we've mentioned previously, Illinois is a hot spot for the appearance of not one, but two cicada broods which is ongoing right now. I thought their numbers were supposed to start lessening by mid-June which is correct, but I've noticed the sounds they make are actually increasing. Why?

NBC Chicago just shared some interesting tidbits into cicada behavior. They say that as the numbers invading Illinois will start to dwindle between mid and late June, the sounds will now be amplified for a simple reason:

Cicadas are now trying to make a love connection (*ahem*).

Let me interrupt the awkward silence in your mind right now and mention that the mating season for cicadas won't last long either. By the end of June, the cicada invasion in Illinois will be a faint memory and you can wait another 13 to 17 years for the next appearance of these annoying bugs.

Here's a pro tip you didn't ask for. We haven't seen many cicadas near our home as we keep our birds well fed. They've been happily feasting on any cicadas that dare to get near us and it's much appreciated. Good bird seed works wonders for building up a natural defense force field around your home.

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