I'd rather not know what I know after some research into the current state of bed bugs in Illinois. I've learned that there are more than 600 current reports of bed bugs in Illinois motels right now.

This topic came up as I have had many who are getting ready to go on vacation ask the question - what are the best places to stay that does NOT have bed bugs? If you're going to an attraction in Illinois, there's a helpful site called Bed Bug Reports that allows anyone to anonymously share their experiences. You can search every single town and city in Illinois and their database will show you when and where bed bugs were found.

Since there's no way for me to 100% verify the validity of these claims, I won't share exact motels, but here are just a couple from Rockford as an example with specifics hidden:

Anonymous - "BEWARE!! THIS HOTEL IS INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!!!! Family was placed in the hotel do to work being done on their home. After unloading everything and relaxing on the couch my boyfriend called me over and was asking if i knew what was on his neck after he had just gotten off the couch. To my surprise it was a bed bug "

Anonymous - "Was put in here by our insurance company because we was having work done to our house we had found tons of bed bugs went down told front desk and got a giggle from the employee..."

Pro Tip - Don't even look at the bed bug reports from Chicago motels unless you'd like to have nightmares for years.

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