If you want to get away from it all, you also need to lose the Wi-Fi. That's possible at a cabin that's near West Point, Illinois which is about as off-the-grid as you can get and that's a good thing.

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This Cabin Getaway near West Point, Illinois hosted by Matt on Airbnb has a lot going for it with all that you don't get. No city lights, no connected devices to annoy you...just quiet country time with a pond nearby. According to the map, looks like this quiet place is located between Loraine and Carthage, Illinois south of West Point.

Here's a snippet of how Matt describes it:

Solar panels, water storage and propane for you to experience complete off-grid living. No WiFi, no loud noises but instead board games and the sounds of the country. Relax on the porch overlooking the pond while having all the at home living things that you need, just smaller. Cook s'mores by the wood stove or right outside the cabin by campfire under the milky way and stars, seen like never before.

See the pics for yourself.

Off-Grid? Cabin in West Point, Illinois has Board Games, No Wi-Fi

Even though I consider myself a somewhat jaded person, I am impressed. With a nightly cost of only $83 as of this writing, this is an affordable option for many who would like to escape their devices for a day or two.

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