Q: What is a sump pump and why do I need one? Why is a battery backup for my sump pump important?

Sump pumps are particularly important for those of us in the Rock River Valley, where your home likely depends on a sump pump to prevent accidental flooding of your basement. You can learn more about how a sump pump protects your Rockford home on our website. A battery backup is an important part of your sump pump system because it will keep your sump pump operating through a power outage, preventing water accumulation during storms or other weather events that have caused a loss of power to your home.

Q: How often should my water heater be flushed?

We recommend annual water heater maintenance to prolong the life of your water heater. Our Crystal Club membership includes an annual water heater flush.

Q: What should I avoid putting down my garbage disposal?

Never put bones or fibrous materials such as potato peels, celery, banana peels, or watermelon rind in your garbage disposal - they can damage the blades or cause the motor to burn out. Don't put anything except food waste through your garbage disposal. Paper, metal, plastic, or glass can all cause damage.

Q: What is backflow testing or RPZ testing and why do I need to have it done?

A backflow prevention device protects our clean water sources by keeping water from flowing in reverse back into the water supply. Many municipalities require you to have them tested and certified by a plumber licensed in backflow testing. It's one more way that our Rockford licensed plumbers keep our water supply safe and clean!

Q: Is it safe to flush wipes that are labeled as "flushable" down the toilet?

No. Though many wet wipes and sanitary products are labeled as "flushable", they wreak havoc with the plumbing, sewer, and septic systems of those who use them. Axberg plumbers recommend you only flush toilet paper.


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