Zach Hill is changing the way locals search for Pokemon.

Armed with a 3D printer and a ton of imagination, Dixon resident Zach Hill has changed the entire game of Pokemon Go.

According to WTVO, Zach uses a 3D printer to create Pokemon. He then heads out to local areas and hides them.

He then goes to his Facebook Page, Fat Finger Photography, and posts clues on where you can find them.

For example, here is one that Zach posted yesterday:

You can see in the comments, one of the Pokemon had been found almost immediately!

He's hiding them everywhere. From Oak Forest, to Mokena... Dixon to Rockford.

This brings a whole new level of searching!

I have to say, I'm shocked that I didn't find out about this sooner! I can't wait to let all of my Pokemon Go friends know about this so they can catch them all!

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