What's better than working on your baseball skills with a World Series Champion?

Pretty much nothing.

Especially when that player is one of the coolest around.

This summer, Javier Baez is taking over Elk Grove Village. Well, just for one day, July 2.

Javy is holding the 'Javier Baez Baseball ProCamp,' from 9am until noon on Monday, July 2 and giving your kids the chance to learn from one of the biggest pros in the business.

That is, if you can afford it.

I expected it to be a little pricey, but I could not believe that price is $199! For three hours!

Sure you end up with a t-shirt, a group photo featuring Javy and a piece of autographed merchandise, but unless you turn around and sell that signed piece of whatever, you're looking at quite a pricey morning.

However, there are 168 days until that event, so if you save $1 each day you're pretty close to paying for it.

Good luck.

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